Capacity Building Workshops (COST)
Grant Compliance and Organizational Sustainability Training
Facilitated By Resilience Partners nfp
Funded: Illinois Department of Public Health (African American Aids Response Act)
The workshops will increase the capacity of (HIV) organizations that service our communities
by providing grant-related training,  guidance/support on how to avoid
occurrences of non-compliance with fiscal, administrative and programmatic requirements.
Also, help in the establishment of administrative requirements, cost principles, and audit
requirements for state and federal grants.
Two (2)-day Workshops:
June 7 – June 8
June 21– June 22

Day One

Knowledge Based Accounting, Board Oversight, Treasurer and
Finance Committee Responsibilities , GATA (Grant Accountability and Transparency Act) and Grant Writing,

Excel Techniques.

Day Two

Indirect Cost and Allocations

Audit & 990 Readiness

All training will be held at 58 East 26th Street Chicago, IL. 60616 and
Live-streamed via RP private you-tube channel!
One drawing will be done for a (One Year Grant Watch Subscription) after
completion of your two day session.
For more information and to register call or email.
Resilience Partners nfp
 (312) 281-6552
email: or

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